Who am I?


I’m a woman who’s got a lot to say…. pretty much about everything. My mind is a series of racing, random thoughts in dire need of being expressed. I’m that girl who curses too much. Who, sometimes, talks too loud or doesn’t talk enough. Who is the life of the party, yet the weirdo who can’t relate to anyone there. I say the things other people are too afraid or ashamed to say. I talk about the shit that makes people laugh, cringe, defensive, or embarrassed. I’m either considered relatable, hilarious or outrageous.

I’ve had MANY life experiences that some of you may or may not relate to. I am a survivor of mental illness, suicide, abuse, and aplastic anemia (Don’t worry, no one knows what the hell it is, we’ll address it another time) I’m the mother to an autistic 5 year old boy who’s bad ass and the wife to an insane man who happens to love the shit out of me.

That’s why I created this blog. To write in a space that is completely unfiltered about my everyday life, thoughts, experiences and opinions. You’ll see me writing about a plethora of topics such as mental illness, physical illness, natural remedies, society and our everyday world, celebrities and their stupidity, wife and mom life, feminism, cannabis, beauty tips and tricks (licensed cosmetologist here), tarot, essential oils, serial killers, crystals, coping skills, MBTI and all sorts of random, strange, unconventional shit. To my fellow weirdos, this is for you.

3 thoughts on “Who am I?

    • It’s only been said to me by my mother. Never anyone else though, possibly because I’m pretty “In your face” when it comes to mental illness. I can tell by the way I’m treated and the looks and lack of understanding that people feel that way though.

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