I Know Why The Caged Bird Escaped

You saw her and were instantly drawn in,

Overcome with both lust and sin.

Vivacious, life of the party,

Your eyes trailed down her body.

Magnetic and articulate,

This was nothing like you’d ever dreamt.

Her loud laugh and audacity,

Is that you, defying gravity?

Or have you lost your sanity?

She’s the drug and you’re the addict,

You’ve made up your mind, you’ve finally picked.

You did everything to win her over,

Everything you could to bring her closer.

Alas, success,

You tried your best!!

You did it, she is yours,

Operating the way a predator lures.

You have to make sure she can never leave,

She can never escape, she’s yours to keep.

She’s not going anywhere,

You’ve made sure she’s got nowhere.

She’s right where you want her,

Unknowingly sitting in simmering water.

She gradually changes before your eyes,

It’s something you don’t really mind.

The fire in her dying slowly,

Once exciting and now homely.

You feel good, you feel safe,

She’s in the dark, living in a cave.

She’s doesn’t know how she got here,

She’s confused and cloaked in fear.

She doesn’t recognize herself anymore,

Without you, she’s won’t even go to the store.

How powerful you must feel,

You’re the hero, how unreal!

Except, she’s starting to remember,

Who she was, that December.

Wild, young and free,

However could this be?

She’s wisened up, she’s decided to heal,

She’s on the quest to find what’s real.

The “her” that lives deep inside,

Trapped beneath all of those lies.

She starts to feel the warmth of the sun,

She’s begins to recall she is “someone”.

She matters, she is worthy,

She loves herself now and it’s making you worry.

You can’t let her know the secret,

You’ll do everything in this world to keep it.

She is magic in human form,

And once she finds out, she will run.

She is beginning to explore her gifts again,

Her god given talents, heaven sent.

Others shower her with compliments and praise,

It meant nothing to her anyways.

She longed for your attention, love and appreciation,

But that was too dangerous,

Classified information.

She’s convinced you don’t care how she feels,

It’s incredible,

How much your lack of concern and action reveals.

It was your encouragement she needed the most,

She needed your help in order to grow.

Instead met with emotional neglect,

She painfully realized you could never truly connect.

Her happiness gleams so bright now,

It shows.

But no one really knows.

How you’re dying deep inside,

No one hears your cries.

You witnessed her revival before your eyes,

Yet, you pretended not to realize.

She got stronger everyday,

You hoped to god things wouldn’t stay that way.

You ignored the magic,

You pretended to only hear static.

You believed you loved her, but you didn’t,

You purposely took on the role of a hinderance,

To love is to acknowledge and take pride in one’s brilliance.

She was never a person,

Only a possession.

You’re consumed with rage,

Now it’s become an obsession.

She feels it’s now best to flee,

To love includes the willingness to set one free.

Instead you think,

How dare she want to leave?

How could she forget,

She belongs to me!?

You think of every trick in the book,

This can’t happen, you need to keep her hooked!

Who would you be without her dependence?

You’d have no choice but to drop the semblance.

We all know why the caged bird sings,

She’ll never stop till freedom rings.

The damage is done and it’s too late,

I now know why the caged bird escaped.

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