Is Tarot Evil? 

Ahhh… a question that all tarot readers are presented with. Well, here is where I stand…

I consider myself an agnostic. I believe that there is SOMETHING out there. In my mind, with the experiences I’ve gone through, I feel there has to be a higher power. 

Whether it is She, He or Them, I’m not sure. I will never be sure. I won’t pretend to be sure. An atheist would say there is no proof. There also is no proof that a higher power does not exist either. 

I grew up as a catholic. I went to catholic school for nine years. I completed the sacraments. I learned all about the Bible. I wasn’t given the opportunity to go out into world, to then decide what I believed. The decision was made for me. 

As a woman with her own thoughts and point of view, there is a lot in the Bible that I don’t agree with. There are many things I don’t stand behind. So, it never made sense to me to live my life, under a belief system I didn’t agree with or condone for the sake of family tradition or fitting in. It never felt… right. 

I respect anyone who’s beliefs are different than mine because I believe your relationship with your higher power is personal and for you only. It is not for me to judge. It is the way you choose to live your life, simply put.

 I would just like the same respect in return. Telling someone they are going to burn for the rest of eternity isn’t exactly kind, let alone respectful, regardless of what denomination you subscribe to. 

I believe that whatever is out there, would want to provide guidance for those who ask for it. I believe tarot is a practice to help you get in touch with that higher power/s. Sort of like prayer, a way to communicate. I believe tarot is a tool that helps you tap into that spiritual being we all contain, deep inside. 

So… IS tarot evil? 

I can’t answer that. At the end of the day, it’s all subjective. As adults, it’s up you to decide what you believe. Our beliefs are only glorified but sacred opinions. That answer lies within you. Not me. 

Why I Fell In Love With Tarot 

I fell in love with tarot when I was 15 years old. I walked into Barnes and Noble with a gift card I’d received for Christmas courtesy of my god mother (Thanks Jackie!) and purchased my first deck. A classic Rider-Waite deck. I became consumed. I read books to learn and memorize the definitions of each card. I gave myself readings constantly. I’d ask about boys and all the dumb shit one stresses as a teen. I was always scolded by my cards, who would tell me to concentrate on school and more importantly, myself. They weren’t lying, all those boys were shit (Lol) and it was great advice. I just wasn’t hearing it because it wasn’t the feedback I wanted. 

I began to read for anyone who would permit it. My mother, my sister, my best friend. I read for an important man in my life. He had a history of mental Illness. He struggled with everyday life, including being stable enough to be a proper father and spouse. He had the habit of walking out on his family whenever things got hard. He would say “I’m going out for a walk” and would disappear. Turning his family upside down from the financial and emotional abandonment, they would struggle to pick up the shattered fragments that became their broken life. He would come back months later, and his vulnerable spouse would take him back, only for him to continue his poisonous pattern. 

I shuffled and spread out my cards and began to read about his life. Every card revealing the bits and pieces that made up his life as a whole. I remember looking up at him and telling him “My cards are telling me you live in a state of limbo. You need make a concrete choice and stick with it.” He slowly looked up at me, surprised, stunned and shamed. I think he was expecting to hear something lighthearted. It was as though he thought we were sitting down to play “go fish”. He clearly didn’t have much faith in the practice until he felt exposed. He never allowed me to do a reading on him again. 

I continued to read for family and friends as I grew older. I loved everything about it. The surprise on people’s faces, the clarification it brought, the way it aided people facing tough decisions. Like everything else, it became something of the past. I stopped doing a lot of the things I loved when I got depressed. I stopped writing. I stopped singing, another love of mine. Finally, I stopped reading tarot. My life resembled a desert after a while. Dry and no sign of life. 

Years later into adulthood, I made friends with a woman (Hi Tabby!!) who low and behold, loved and regularly practiced tarot. From all of her decks, to the way that she spoke on the topic, I felt a sense of yearning inside. She offered to give me a reading. I was NERVOUS. I realized I’d never received a reading. I was always on the opposite side of the reading. My life felt like such shit then. What would she uncover? 

I pushed my fear to the side and proceeded. I can’t compare it to anything else. The reading was so powerful, it made the hairs on my body stand. Everything she said resonated with my life. The messages she provided me with were both encouraging and gave me the strength to push forward in my life. With the information she gave me, I knew things would improve. She told me I would be undergoing a personal metamorphosis and I did. This has been the most transformative year of my life and I’m proud of that. That reading made me realize I was not doomed. Just in a bad place temporarily. 

After that, I jumped right back into tarot. My deck was a gift, this time by friends. I lost my original one in the process of moving. I became addicted. Purchasing deck after deck, I immersed myself into the world of tarot once again. 

It occurred to me after sometime, that I could do this for a living. I could do this from home, over the phone. As a stay at home mom, it was important to me to be able to earn a living while caring for my son. 

I could help people get through some of their worst times. I could be that beacon of light for someone. For this reason, I do not refer to myself as a tarot reader. I am a metaphysical counselor. My sessions are personal and revolve around providing others with guidance. I heal and tarot is my beloved tool. 

So, the rest is history. I took that leap of faith and decided to start my own business. The fulfillment I receive is priceless. The feedback I get when I’ve helped someone through a tough time is so rewarding. I am meant to help others through their trials and tribulations. That is my calling. I know that I am in the right place. I know I am where I belong. 

I feel like I’m a much better reader now. I have a plethora of life experiences. My intuition is stronger. I am wiser. More importantly, it brings me joy. It sets my soul on fire. Isn’t that the passion we should all be chasing? 

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Who am I?


I’m a woman who’s got a lot to say…. pretty much about everything. My mind is a series of racing, random thoughts in dire need of being expressed. I’m that girl who curses too much. Who, sometimes, talks too loud or doesn’t talk enough. Who is the life of the party, yet the weirdo who can’t relate to anyone there. I say the things other people are too afraid or ashamed to say. I talk about the shit that makes people laugh, cringe, defensive, or embarrassed. I’m either considered relatable, hilarious or outrageous.

I’ve had MANY life experiences that some of you may or may not relate to. I am a survivor of mental illness, suicide, abuse, and aplastic anemia (Don’t worry, no one knows what the hell it is, we’ll address it another time) I’m the mother to an autistic 5 year old boy who’s bad ass and the wife to an insane man who happens to love the shit out of me.

That’s why I created this blog. To write in a space that is completely unfiltered about my everyday life, thoughts, experiences and opinions. You’ll see me writing about a plethora of topics such as mental illness, physical illness, natural remedies, society and our everyday world, celebrities and their stupidity, wife and mom life, feminism, cannabis, beauty tips and tricks (licensed cosmetologist here), tarot, essential oils, serial killers, crystals, coping skills, MBTI and all sorts of random, strange, unconventional shit. To my fellow weirdos, this is for you.