The Pledge Of Self Respect And Mental Peace

I pledge to never again put myself in an environment where I am uncomfortable and am being treated poorly by the people around me.

I pledge to no longer do things or to be around people that threaten my mental health for the sake of pleasing others, living by their expectations or being considered “respectful” and “doing the right thing”

I pledge to no longer anger, rile and upset myself by engaging in debates, arguments and the blame game.

I pledge to only confront if it serves my higher good.

I pledge to only take part in conversations that aim to problem solve and find solutions.

With a person who truly loves and values you, that’s a conversation that is respectful, feels safe and brings you serenity.

Consider this the next time you find yourself in conflict, because when someone approaches you aggressively, sarcastically, yells, patronizes, demeans, name calls, invalidates and curses, with the inability to apologize, self reflect or take personal responsibility…

The translation is:

“I’m unhappy and you are my doormat. Taking your peace of mind, dignity, self esteem and self respect will supply me with the boost I need for today. Please play with me.”

Choose not to participate. Don’t show up.