Mosquitoes Be Gone, Your Itch Ain’t That StrongĀ 

So, my husband and I decided to barbecue over the weekend. I was super excited to sit outside and enjoy a nice burger or two. All the while, forgetting that my blood to a mosquito is what Pepsi is to the average American. 

I’m super prone to bites and typically end up covered in them. These suckers didn’t disappoint. Between my legs and my arm, I’d gotten about 10-12 bites. Yeah, what great fun! It’s had been two days and itch was unbearable. I’d tried alcohol, hydrocortisone, aloe vera gel, essential oils, calamine lotion and everything else one could think of. Nothing worked. I started to feel like I was going nuts. 

I got on the internet and started searching for ways to get rid of the itch. Page after page, all I could find were suggestions I had already used that didn’t work. 

Finally I came across one raised my brows. A blow dryer. The theory behind this was that heat deteriorates the protein that causes itching when mosquitos inject it under your skin. It was speculated that the method has more to do with the short lived effect of heat on nerve endings. 

I was pretty skeptical because it sounded pretty random and to be frank, stupid. At this point, I was ready to try anything. The itching had me ready to slice bites off (Morbid I know, can’t help the way my brain works!)

I plugged my dryer in and went to work. Surprisingly enough, it worked. I didn’t feel anymore itching for at least 4 hours, which was huge to me because the discomfort was endless.

This is pretty brilliant. Almost everyone owns a blow dryer. The relief was instantaneous. You don’t have to add any chemicals on to your skin. You also don’t have to worry about ointment and creams rubbing off on clothing, furniture, bedding, etc… 

Here is what I did: I took the blow dryer and put it on high heat. I aimed the hot air in the direction of the bite, keeping the blow dryer about 10 to 12 inches away from my skin. 

I own a professional, salon quality blow dryer that gets very hot. I had to hold it from a good distance to avoid burning myself. If your blow dryer isn’t as strong, you can bring it closer to your skin. 

You want to feel a tingle in the area where the bite is. It will feel like someone is scratching for you (weird, I know). Once you feel that sensation, stop. Do not leave heat the bite long enough to burn yourself. You don’t want to singe your skin off (Yeah, I was considering it too). You want to get it hot enough, then remove the heat. You’ll find immediate relief that will last for hours. 

I hope this tip helps some of you in distress from these pesky bites as well. My only regret was not finding out sooner. So, run over to that blower and zap the itch away. And, if you find yourself with the opportunity, aim the dryer at your blood sucking friend. 

Tea Is Magic

Hey! Welcome back bitches! 

Now, before you get all tight assed and offended by the word bitch, I did warn you all. I am pretty unorthodox and can be crude and vulgar. I don’t care for censorship either. My writing is a direct reflection of myself. I authentically communicate with my audience the very way I would speak to a close friend and that is my exact intent. 

Consider it a term of endearment, because it’s truly nothing but love. Those of you who return and take the time to read my work hold a very special place in my heart and I am always humbled by your responses. Thank you, once again. Now, back to our scheduled program! 

I love home remedies. In my years of dealing with a plethora of health issues, I don’t like to take medicine unless my symptoms are completely insufferable and I NEED to function. Otherwise, I prefer much more to treat myself with something natural that works on healing the issue VS masking the symptoms with chemicals. 

 Tea holds a special place in my heart. My abuelita (grandmother) believed whole heartedly that tea was the magical elixir. She swore it cured anything from anxiety, heartbreak, stomach problems, colds… you name it, the cure was always tea. Turns out, homegirl knew her shit. My tea collection is stocked like a medicine cabinet!

Let’s start with Abuelita’s favorite: Chamomile. This was the tea my grandma used as the antidote to all problems. This popular tea is exceptional at combatting anxiety, insomnia, burns and scrapes, dark circles, lightening blotchy skin, muscle spasms, digestion issues, and finally reducing the chances of breast and thyroid cancer; what is there not to love? 

Ginger tea makes me smile. It’s one of my favorites. I usually turn to this when I have an upset stomach or am congested. It completely opens up my sinuses. The spicy sensation that is accompanied with ginger is felt in your stomach as you drink. You are physically feeling this tea at work as it settles your stomach. It’s also said to help fight cancer, manage glucose levels, improve circulation, reduce arthritic inflammation and even relieving menstrual cramps.  

Smooth Move from the brand Traditional Medicinals (My favorite brand!!) is awesome as well. This baby helps to relieve constipation. Its main ingredient is senna leaf, a plant native to Northern Africa well know for being a natural laxative. Unlike over the counter laxatives, this is super gentle and usually painless. Drink a cup before bed and you’ll typically experience comfortable bowel movements the following morning. 

Organic Weightless from Traditional Medicinals is a goodie. This tea is used to treat bloating and water weight gain. The herbal blend contains diuretic properties that help expel an over abundance of water, bringing you back to a relieved state and a flatter tummy. 

Need some energy? Is caffeine typically too strong for you to handle? Looking for a healthier alternative? Grab yourself a cup of green tea. Green tea has about 35-70 mgs of caffeine VS coffee which contains 100-200 mgs. Green tea also has a multitude of advantages as well. Green tea can assist with weight loss and targeting belly fat, balances blood sugar levels, helps prevent and destroy lung, colorectal and prostate cancer, while preventing skin damage and is loaded with antioxidants.

Peppermint tea is not only refreshing AND delicious, but is excellent for boosting concentration, congestion and sinus relief, reducing fevers, eliminating bad breathe, relieving stress, issues with digestion, as well as calming painful migraines and headaches. 

Echinacea Plus from Traditional Medicinals is perfect for detoxing the liver, kidneys, lymphatic system and glands. It boosts your immune system, shortens the duration of colds, reduces symptoms of allergies, relieves urinary track infections and even helps alleviate ear infections. This tea is literally a speed healer!!! 

In conclusion, tea rules. No doubt about it. It’s inexpensive, natural and has so many undeniable health advantages. If you prefer to take a more natural approach to your health or really enjoy home remedies, I’d highly suggest trying some of the ones I listed above. So, go on and get your tea on, pinkies up! 

Disclaimer: Tea or any other natural remedy does NOT take the place of seeing a medical professional. If you have severe, persistent symptoms, please see a doctor. If you have any prominent health issues, consult with your doctor before trying different teas. Teas usually come with warning labels, just like medicine. Just make sure to read the box and don’t be afraid to do your own research as well.